Return To Player (RTP) Rate? Learn this before playing

What is a RTP rate in online slot games?

For new online slot games players in Malaysia, you might feel that this term are hardly to understand and might included some complicated calculator behind this. In fact, it is not that complicated to understand RTP percentage. Let’s follow to learn deeper about RTP!

As stated in our win slot guideline, if you wanted to win slot online consistently in a long run, you should know how important it is to study the RTP rate of a online slot games. As a slot machine experts or an experienced online slot player, you should always put your attention on RTP percentage before playing the online slot games. This will be one of the most important thing you can do to win slot online.

What is return to player rate?

What is return to player rate?

Return To Player (RTP) rate, also known as Return To Player Percentage (RTP%), is the expected payout percentage of the wager amount in a specific slot game in long run. The RTP percentage is generally be calculated in 2 ways, either a theoretical or a simulated approach, depends on the game type. The % RTP can be calculated via either a theoretical or simulated approach with the method used depending on the game type.

RTP rate of an online slot game is higher important for a slot player as it will affect your winning percentage when you are playing slot online. The higher RTP percentage is more preferrable, as you will be rewarded more if compared to the others.

For example: an online slot with RTP rate of 95%, if your wagering amount is consistently RM100, in long run, you will be paid RM95 in regular spinning.

How is RTP calculated on slots?

GLI, a leading provider of independent testing, certification and assessment services for Global Gaming Industry, calculate the RTP rate of a game by simulating every possible outcome with different combination to define the theoretical RTP percentage.

However, at Malaysia online slot casino, it is actually not that complicated to determine the RTP rate of a slot game. To get the RTP rate, you can simply divide the total winnings amount that you won by the total wagering amount of you in a specific game. When you get the result, you might see a different percentage of return as stated in the online slot game details. Instead, a computer algorithm that spins a scroll or game turn replicates it hundreds of thousands of times in a short period of time. This provides the most accurate measurement while still reflecting the experience of some Malaysian online casino players.

However, the percentage of return to player of some other casino games are slightly more challenging to calculate. For example, most of the online casino table games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. These type of games will have a RTP rate varying based on player’s bet amount or playing strategies.

Is RTP real in slots?

As we mentioned before, RTP rate can be used to determine the average payout frequency of a online slot games, but it is mostly calculated based on monthly or even yearly basis. Which means, over a long run, if you are playing this online slot game, your winning percentage will be theoretically same as the RTP rate.

But in reality, when you are playing online slot games in Malaysia online casino, you will find things work a little differently, particularly if you play shorter period of time. You will notice that the RTP rate isn’t entirely effective. Not only can you win your original stake back in your brief round, but potentially many hundreds or thousands more. In theory, it is preferable to select a slot with a higher RTP because it has a higher chance of paying off than a game with a lower RTP.

Is higher RTP better?

Is high RTP better?

In your short session, you can get not only your bet back but win hundreds or thousands of times more. Theoretically, it is preferable to play slots with a higher RTP because they have a higher chance of paying out than those with a lower RTP.

There are widespread claims that RTP is meaningless and that games are rigged, however this is not completely accurate. Of course, there are always dodgy websites with duplicates of authentic slot machines, where neither the RTP nor the RNG technology are as promised. However, these sites are rare and can always be avoided by utilizing a trusted online casino where you may freely play slots without worrying about getting cheated. It’s also important to note that RTPs are entirely up to the provider; casinos themselves have no control over them. Therefore, if a slot machine advertises that its RTP is 97%, it is 97% and nothing more or less.

Therefore, in our online slot guideline, we strongly advise players to choose high RTP online slots, this is your winning slot game to ensure your winnings.

Does bet size affect RTP?

In the past, certain slot machines adjusted the RTP in accordance with the player’s stake size when the stake size increases. Therefore, a higher bet would result in a higher RTP, which would increase the likelihood that the player would win the jackpot or at the very least receive their stake back.

However, those days are long gone. Nowadays, slot machine developers – be it on a land-based casino or in an online casino – develop slot games with a fixed RTP rate, regardless of the size of the bet the player would make.

Reputable casino like provides you with all of the information you need in order to enjoy playing your favorite casino games in a safe and responsible manner so you can play without hesitation!

This means that slot games today would let you enjoy the best RTP it can give you regardless if you bet RM1 or RM100 per spin, it does not matter anymore. However, you may still argue that higher bets can help you win a progressive slot faster, but that is an entirely different matter.

Can casinos change RTP?

Can casinos change RTP?

Some casino are able to change the RTP of their online slots. These include the slot machines for land-based casinos and online casino software for gambling sites. Online casino operators can only change the RTP if the slot game developer has a built-in option.

The offline slot machine cabinets have EPROM chips that allow operators to set the game’s RTP. Adjusting the EPROM chip can alter the slot machine payout to match the RTP set by the operator. This chip is responsible for the random number generator (RNG) algorithm of the game, which determines if you win or lose a spin.

Play’n Go games provide operators with several versions of their games with varying RTP, which is why you can find a 7 Sins slot with a 96% RTP on one website and 95% on another. Operators can choose a version of Play’n Go slots with an RTP that fits their business goal. Take note that this option is not available for other online slots.